How to Juggle Your Many Roles as an Online MBA Student

Being a student is a fine balancing act of prioritizing assignments, studying, and engaging in a social or personal life. The balancing act is further escalated when a student is in an online program! This is because online study isn’t rigorously guided, so students will find themselves on their own in terms of scheduling and meeting task deadlines. This can put a strain on a student’s social and personal life. However, it is possible to juggle a student’s many roles if personal organization becomes a top priority.

Use a Day Planner in an Online MBA Program

The use of a day planner can be of considerable importance when determining the level of priority that certain tasks carry. Having all tasks clearly written out and labeled can make the assessment process much easier. It also serves as a reference guide to future deadlines and what tasks were completed on what date.

A day planner is more than just a guidance tool though. Using day planners can allow students to budget time towards certain tasks in order to prevent spending excessive amounts of time on menial tasks. While this is slightly restrictive in terms of its approach, it does allow students to be more efficient in their academic operations in the interest of meeting self-imposed time deadlines.

Day planners can also be seen as a motivational tool for online MBA students. This is because students will be able to continually reflect on their accomplishments and assess their shortcomings should they not complete a task within an alloted time slot. However, it is important to set realistic goals when using a day planner. For example, it would not be possible to write a 20,000 word essay on project management within an hour. Keeping everything in a realistic perspective will be most beneficial for students!

Have an Off Day in an Online MBA Program

It is also equally important to set at least one “off day” per week where students do not plan anything whatsoever. This day could be used for academic reasons in order to catch up on shortcomings or read ahead, but it should ideally be used as a relaxing day in order to alleviate the stresses and strains of post-secondary education. The off day should be used to pursue social events and hobbies in order to promote a more harmonious, healthy lifestyle between a school life and a personal life.

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