How to Know When to Drop an Online MBA Course

Dropping an online MBA class is usually not the wisest decision. This is because it can carry several implications and may even impede the student’s progress towards graduation. However, there are some situations when a student must drop a class, but even these situations are gray areas of thought and are open to interpretation. With this in mind, how can a student know when he should drop an online MBA class?

GPA and an Online MBA Program

Lackluster grades can lead to wishes of dropping the course when a student’s grade point average is concerned. However, even these lackluster grades can contribute to the student having “full time” status in an online MBA program. This in itself can lead to financing opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist if a student was demoted from what financiers perceive as being a full time student. The matter can be worse if it is too late in the semester to enroll in another course; or if another course isn’t available in the first place.

Students should only seriously consider dropping a class if they aren’t coming to terms with the material after the first three tests or assignments. This would present a legitimate case for a student to be worried about his grade point average. However, before dropping a class based on a deteriorating GPA, students should aim to meet with tutors and advisors to see if the material can be learned.

Boredom and an Online MBA Program

Boredom and a lack of interest in the content can also be a leading reason for students to drop a class. This in itself does carry some validity, but students should consider the consequences before dropping a class because of nothing but boredom. Students may find that the information they gain in a boring class can be used as a supplement to an otherwise more interesting class. Also, if boredom is out of a lack of difficulty, then this can present internship opportunities if a student excels with the material and makes a favorable impression on the professor.

Students should be primarily concerned if the class is a prerequisite to another component. Dropping a prerequisite class can hinder the student’s progress towards graduation, which can result in adding another semester or even academic year to the student’s calendar and financial burden.

Boredom is something that is best looked past and simply dealt with rather than getting out of the class. However, if the feelings of boredom cause the student to experience symptoms of depression or other condition, then a student could have some legitimate concern and reason to drop a class.

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