How to Manage Online MBA Group Projects and Assignments

Group projects are a particularly difficult aspect of online study. They aren’t common in terms of their requirement within an online program of study, but they do occasionally pop up as an optional choice for students to elect. If students do chose to go into a group project setting, then it is important to be able to connect throughout the working experience. This isn’t always easy, but it is certainly possible!

Using Blackboard to Manage an Online MBA Group Project

Blackboard technology provides students with discussion forums for interaction. These are often used for discussion learning where teachers post topics of conversation and expect students to post their replies within a specified time limit. However, they may also be used to manage group projects.

It isn’t the wisest decision to openly post group collaboration on a public forum. This is because other groups may leech off of the hard work of others and compile a project using second hand information gained from exposure on the forums. It is therefore prudent for students to hide their discussions and limit access specifically to groups of students.

This privatization of Blackboard forums isn’t typically available to students. Students must therefore contact their teachers who may be able to set up a private forum and restrict access to specific individuals only. Once this is complete, then students will be able to see their newly created forum and be able to use it for collaboration within group members only. If this isn’t an option, then students must be prepared to be a bit more crafty with their collaboration efforts. However, it’s easier than many students might think!

Using E-mail to Manage an Online MBA Group Project

E-mail can also be used as a collaboration technique for students in a group project setting. This is typically easier for many students as they will assure themselves of their content’s privacy and be able to edit and improve one other’s work by sending messages back and forth to one another. It is important to always retain the message chain throughout group-wide e-mail messages. This is because truncated messages can often cause confusion when messages are targeted towards groups of people rather than direct one-on-one interaction. Retaining the message chain allows each member in the group to understand where the project is in terms of its development and be able to troubleshoot issues as they arise in specific points within the e-mail.

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