How to Participate in an Online MBA Class Discussion

Students will often be invited to engage in discussion based learning throughout their online MBA program. This can be done through many means, but the most common form of communication is through the online education system’s “Blackboard” technology. This technology enables a discussion forum for interaction between teachers and students and is usually seen as the easiest option in terms of usage. However, what should students expect when using the forum and just how easy is it?

Discussion through an Online MBA Program’s Blackboard

Blackboard offers users an intuitive format for discussion. Students often find that the Blackboard’s interface is similar to many popular e-mail programs and services with some slight differences in usability.

Students must first come to understand the terms used within a discussion forum. Each topic of discussion is known as a “thread” that hosts the original poster’s message. Within each thread is a reply button that students may use to submit their own opinions that pertain to the original message. If a student therefore wished to reply to comment X, then he would click on the reply button below X and type in his reply.

Adding a new thread requires the user to click the “add thread” icon towards the top of the discussion forum, which is represented by an addition symbol to denote the adding of a thread. From here, a new window will pop up where users may input the subject line and the content of their message. Posting submit will make it readily available for other student’s comments.

It is important to thoroughly edit content before posting. This is because many blackboard discussion forums have disabled the “edit” feature and this function is available solely to teachers. There are many reasons for why this might be so, but a prime reason is to ensure students do not bypass editing time stamp features in order to deceive teachers into thinking content was made available by a certain time. This can be done by students to sneak in additional information to score extra points! It goes without saying that cheating is prohibited in online education programs, so it isn’t worth an attempt.

What to Remember in an Online MBA Discussion Forum

It is important for students to remember that fellow students are human beings with feelings rather than faceless strands of text. Do not post content that is libelous or offensive!

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