How to Participate in an Online MBA Live Chat Room Discussion

Chat room etiquette is a gray area in terms of understanding. It is a relatively unchartered technology in the educational world, so it is open to ambiguity and confusion. However, it is also important to note that few online MBA programs offer live chat room sessions as standard. This is because the technology is not commonly available through typical Blackboard technologies, so students may not find themselves accessing a chat room throughout their course of study. This is not to say that teachers will not use third party resources to facilitate live chat room discussions though!

The Basis Chat Format in an Online MBA Discussion

Most online MBA discussions are led by the teacher who begins the discussion with important notes, study tips, or other information that is relevant to the overall objective of the discussion. Once the teacher has completed his presentation, then the floor will be made open to other students to input their thoughts, opinions, and concerns.

Many chat rooms allow other users to see when a specific user is typing. This eliminates a sudden onslaught of questions and comments that teachers aren’t able to cope with. If this is not available, then students should allow one another to ask questions or raise issues with teachers in an alphabetical manner. By following the connected user list that is often to the right of the screen, students will be able to gauge their position in the question line and know when it is their turn to speak.

Treat Others as You Would Want to be Treated in an Online MBA Chat Room

It is also important to treat fellow students in a courteous and polite manner. This is because other students are more than just bodies of text on a screen. They are real humans with real feelings; just like yourself! It is important not to post content that is either libelous or offensive to the receiving party. Doing so can make the rest of the program awkward and uncomfortable when live chat room discussions are a focal point of certain classes.

Student should also avoid changing font faces, font sizes, and font colors in a live chat room setting. This is because default settings in a chat room are often optimized for use within the chat room. If students were to alter their text settings, then this could cause instability or errors that might remove the student from the chat room automatically. Default settings also promote harmony in the visual appearance of the chat. A chat room that is filled with bright neon colors and inappropriate bold impressions is very difficult on the eyes!

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