How to Sell Your Online MBA Degree to Potential Employers

Online education is relatively new in terms of its acknowledgement in the professional world. Many employers are reluctant to accept online education as equivalent to traditional campus based study, which could be for many reasons. However, one leading reason that stands out is the employer’s own ignorance. Many employers do not know how to compare an online award to its campus counterpart, so it is up to the prospective employee to sell his online education as compatible with what the employer might expect. It is important to adhere to these three tips when selling an online MBA degree to employers.

Tip #1: Highlight an Online MBA Degree’s Accreditation

Accreditation is of the utmost importance in the academic world. There are many fraudulent programs and diploma mills in known existence that award phony awards to students for little to no academic skill. These can reap havoc on a candidate’s resume as it is likely that the former student will not have acquired the academic skills to excel in a professional setting. It is therefore important to highlight that a candidate’s online MBA degree is accredited.

Accreditation comes in two standards in the United States, but regional accreditation is regarded as superior when compared to the national accreditation counterpart. This is because regional accreditation is awarded to institutions that offer academic book learning over vocational technical training. In order to determine region accreditation, a student must contact his local accreditation council in the state where he resides or has taken a course of study. This body will be in a position to determine if an award of regionally accredited or not.

Tip #2: Highlight Personal Skills as a Result of Online MBA Study

Online education can provide students with many personal skills that are beneficial to employers. As students do not have the benefit of having professions loom over them on a day-to-day basis, students must develop superior time management skills and the ability to prioritize deadlines in terms of their importance. These are very useful skills for future business leaders!

It is also important for the candidate to pitch his own accomplishments in the program. This could be writing a superior paper or even receiving top-class exam marks. Candidates who display their own accomplishments with pride are likely to be looked favorably upon by employers.

Tip #3: Highlight Professional Benefits of an Online MBA Program

The online MBA program can lead students into accepting projects of higher importance and those that require higher levels of skill. Without qualified candidates, an employer may not be able to realize future successes that come as a result of higher levels of academic completion!

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