How to Spot a Top Online MBA Program

Online MBA programs are in great supply when it comes to distance studying options, but it can be a difficult task to identify one that is a cut above the rest. With so many opportunities to study towards an online MBA, all of the components and institution names can blend into one another with no obvious differences that students should take advantage of. However, there are tell-tale signs that an online MBA program is excellent and students should always aim to uncover them before admissions fill up!

Sign #1: Online MBA Programs are Accredited

One of the most important signs a student should look for is a program’s accreditation. For online students, the process of discovery is perhaps the easiest! This is because many countries in the world offer accredited schools with unique domain names to use with their online presence. These domain names are precisely for the reason of identifying an accredited program! Each country varies with its domain, but some examples include ".edu" for the United States and "" for the United Kingdom.

Students should also look for the level of a program’s accreditation. Programs in the United States are governed by regional accreditation and national accreditation. The two terms may seem interchangeable, but they are very different in their foundations. Regional accreditation is typically applied to not-for-profit academic study whereas national accreditation is typically applied to for-profit vocational training. This means that national accreditation typically suffers a stigma of being lower in quality and less reputable. It is therefore prudent for students to study within regionally accredited programs to ensure their online MBA program is a leading one.

Sign #2: Online MBA Programs are Similar in Cost

While online study offers students with some savings, these savings should not be found in tuition costs. Reputable online MBA programs will be similar or identical in cost to traditional campus based study. Students should therefore exclude programs with noticeably higher or lower costs over campus study. It is very possible that these programs are fraudulent diploma mills that are simply out to cash in on a student’s ignorance.

Sign #3: Online MBA Programs are Reputable

The best way to gauge a program’s worth is to discuss options with former students. If a student has struggled with employment since graduation, then it is likely that his education is a leading factor in the struggle, so should best be discarded in favor of a more reputable program.

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