How to Spot Online MBA Diploma Mills

A diploma mill by definition is a fraudulent institution of higher education. They are known to grant diplomas that are either worthless in the professional world or entirely fake in terms of their component’s worth. This forgery could be due to several reasons, but the main reason cited for operating a diploma mill is a lack of educational accreditation. Students should always remain in an accredited program in order to avoid diploma mills, but there are many other ways of spotting a diploma mill.

Online MBA Diploma Mills Have No Domain Identifier

Diploma mills typically operate under common web domains, which could include “.com” or “.info”. These domains are available for any member of the public to register and require no form of identification check to ensure the integrity of the website. However, governments have attempted to combat this fraudulent activity by introducing unique domains that are only available to institutions with educational accreditation. They can be found under specific domains, which might include “.edu” for institutions based in the United States or “” for institutions based in Japan. Students in an online program should always ensure that their coursework is routed through an appropriate educational domain rather than a standard commercial domain.

Online MBA Diploma Mills Are not Praised

It is often said that those who receive the worst service speak loudest with regards to their experience. This outpouring of negativity can be an excellent way to gauge a diploma mill from a reputable school. Diploma mills are highly unlikely to reward students with any sort of feasible employment opportunities upon graduation, so those who have been involved with a poor educational experience may take to posting their anger in a public forum such as the Internet. A simple web search can reveal all!

Online MBA Diploma Mills Sometimes Admit It!

Novelty accessories know no bounds when it comes to personalization and fake diplomas have a prominent place within novelties. The concept of “buying” a diploma can include forged transcripts and other educational documents in aims of deceiving would-be employers into believing academic status. However, using these documents to gain employment can be immediate ground for dismissal and could wreak havoc on an employee’s future professional outlook. There is no quick route to an online MBA! It is best to commit to an accredited program of study and see it through to graduation over trying to acquire forged documents.

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