How to Stay Motivated Through Your Online MBA

Motivation is a key business concept that many online MBA students will be faced with throughout their studying. However, staying motivated throughout a program of study can be a completely different realm of understanding. This is because the motivation factor directly affects the student rather than a faceless case study! It is therefore important to address how a student can stay motivated throughout an online education program.

Remember the Overall Objective of Your Online MBA Program

Students should always remember just why exactly they’re pursuing further education in the first place. It could be for career advancement or for personal interest. This objective can serve as a great motivating idea throughout the course of study as it aims to satisfy a more long term goal rather than a short term one.

Don’t Neglect Short Term Milestones in an Online MBA Program

While the overall long term objective is of the utmost importance, this does not mean students should neglect short term milestones. These are of equal importance as meeting milestones can maintain a steady drive throughout the period of study.

Establishing what constitutes a short term milestone can be a difficult task, but many students look at short term milestones in terms of their academic credits. If credit B is a prerequisite of entry to program C, then completing credit B can be seen as a short term objective that can be met at a specific interval in time. These timely milestones can be a way to keep students motivated on a steadier pace while pacing towards their overall goals.

Dream Big in an Online MBA Program

There is also no harm in a student challenging himself with realistic goals and expectations. These can include raising a grade point average or submitting the best scoring assignment in a certain class. Meeting challenges with success can be an excellent motivation tool as the feelings of accomplishment and pride are great when an obstacle can be overcome.

However, it is important not to cross the divide between realistic and far-fetched. Setting goals that are out of reach will surely end in loss of motivation as the aspirations cannot be achieved. It is therefore prudent for students to keep their goals in context of their abilities. If a student has never been an A grade average student before, then it is unrealistic to suddenly expect such a performance enhancement at a post-secondary level. Keep it simple!


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  1. I think that it is always important to find ways to stay motivated when it comes to any kind of schooling.

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