How To Use Twitter for Your Online MBA Program

Twitter is rapidly emerging as a popular social network option and is becoming a contender to rival Facebook’s dominance over the social network market. It is mostly used as a micro blogging service and can deliver information to specific readers by using “hashtags” at the end of a post. However, what are hashtags and just how can they benefit an online MBA program?

What are Hashtags in an Online MBA Program?

Hashtags are usually placed at the end of a post and are started with the hash key, which is represented by #. Using a hashtag allows users to click on the term and be shown a list of relevant posts that also contain the hashtag. They are particularly useful marketing tools as posts can be inserted into a hashtag search query that direct users towards their own personal content. While this can be regarded as spam, there is a fine line as to what is actually declared spam on the Twitter service and there have not been many public acknowledgments of banning as a result of spam posts on the network.

How can Hashtags Be Used for My Online MBA Program?

Hashtags can be used to draw users into discussing online MBA topics. Students may post messages or “tweets” to the network that are followed by subject specific hashtags, such as #Finance, #HR, #Marketing, or even #MBA. Fellow users who also post using these terms will be able to instantly network themselves in order to converse with one another using the service! This means that Twitter can provide students with an all-in-one solution to the social qualms that are associated with online study. No longer will they experience feelings of loneliness or isolation!

Is Twitter a Viable Social Option for Online MBA Students?

Twitter can be both a positive and negative for some students depending on their own personal preferences. The network restricts posts to 140 characters, so it can feel very much like sending SMS text messages over the Internet when trying to cram in a bunch of information! However, many experiences have led to students feeling that the network is generally friendly and helpful. It is also not uncommon for users to be willing to connect with one another in order to share their strengths. The service does present an initial learning curve to adjust to the requirement of 140 character posts, but once this has been overcome, then students will find themselves becoming “tweet crazy”!

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