How to Write an Organized Online MBA Case Study Analysis

Organization is an effective writing tool that can help bundle ideas into one coherent presentation. It is also important for scoring top marks with examiners who are presented with identical papers on a continual basis! However, before a student is able to delve into how to organize these ideas into a high-scoring presentation, it is important to know just what a student ought to organize in the first place.

What is an Online MBA Case Study Analysis?

A business case study presents a failing business and the issues that it is currently facing. This case study will be jam packed with events leading up to a business’ struggle and what exactly is happening as a result of the struggle. It is important for students to separate these facts into single bullet points that can be expounded through both comparison and contrasting techniques along with objective thought in order to arrive at a solution for the problems.

No case study will have a magic answer within it. Students must be prepared to use their own analytical thought and give their own opinions pertaining to why a business has failed and what can be used to solve their failures.

How to Organize Online MBA Case Study Analysis Writing

It is always wise to begin a case study analysis by completing a SWOT analysis. This type of system assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that a business faces. The basic structure also allows examiners to quickly see where students intend to process with their arguments. It can also be used as a fall back in case students run out of time during the exam, which can result in some points being awarded for the SWOT analysis existing and examiners seeing where students intend to go with certain ideas.

Organizing a case study analysis involves a direct chronological approach. Students should aim to assess specific issues as they arise in order within the case study. While this may not always be possible in terms of forming a logical essay structure, it should be adhered to as a general rule of thumb whenever it is feasible for students.

Students should also aim to link correlating points throughout the essay structure. This should ideally follow the chronological presentation of points within the case study, but if this is not possible, then students should mention their point within the essay. For example, “Point Y is in direct support of point X for the following reasons”.

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