How You’ll be Graded in an Online MBA Program

It is a common concern for students who are new to online learning to wonder just how they’ll be graded throughout the course. The new environment poses its own unique challenges and difficulties, so it is not unusual for students to worry how they will be assigned work and how it will be graded! It is important to note the differences in online learning and independent learning. Some core components of an online MBA may be delivered through independent study, which means the students will be assigned required reading and will complete an exam that has full weighting on the final grade. Online study is different. It requires coursework, essays, and other tasks common to many campus-based components, but how will students be graded in online components?

Coursework in an Online MBA Program

Students involved in online study will simply be expected to submit assignments to professors at specified deadlines. This can be done through many means. The most common method is through e-mail transfer. Institutions routinely offer student e-mail addresses to those who are involved in online student as a means of communication between professors and students. These web-based addresses are usually very simple in their mechanisms and only offer the fundamental requirements of operation, which include attachments. This can be all of what a student needs to communicate with professors and many institutions still utilize this standard of communication in today’s online environment. However, there also exists a more advanced means of being graded in an online MBA, which is the Learning Management System.

How is the LMS Used in an Online MBA Program?

The Learning Management System offers a comprehensive solution for the needs of students and professors. It allows instant messaging communication and file transfers within an all-in-one application. It is not currently the academic standard for online MBA courses, but is becoming quick to catch the interest of various institutions. Many institutions cite it as being beneficial as it rewards students and professors with a real time option to communicate and transfer files, which allows both parties to discuss questions with one another and confirm if files have been successfully sent and received. This immediate feedback can prevent unfortunate academic incidents, which might include late penalties due to coursework not being received by the professor on time. It also prevents absent-mindedness with both parties as each file transfer through a LMS typically generates a sent and received report, which students can use to document that they sent coursework to a professor at a specific date and time in order to avoid late penalties due to misplaced projects or papers.

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