Human Resource Development: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students who find themselves more attracted to managerial aspects of an online MBA often display their interest through elective specialization. Luckily, there are several options in managerial fields for students to choose. Human Resource Development is one of those available options. This component combines practical employee relation knowledge with marketing and economic principals. It is certainly an open course for all interest levels and abilities, but what exactly is human resource development and what can it do for an online MBA program?

What is Human Resource Development in an Online MBA Program?

Human resource development, which is often abbreviated to HRD, is a model that allows managers to assist employees develop professional and organizational skills, abilities, and knowledge. The manager who is responsible for administering HRD will often find himself providing employee training, career development skills, performance management, personal coaching, and organization development. Other key areas of a HRD manager include mentoring for career progression and identifying key employees that are likely to succeed within an organization.
The general idea surrounding all human resource development programs is to develop the most superior workforce possible. This in turn rewards an organization with optimum levels of productivity, which in itself can be a very appealing trait to lure in potential shareholders and investors. HRD managers are also often concerned with performance appraisal. This means that under performing employees may become the responsibility of the HRD manager, which will require him to develop a strategy to increase their performance and productivity in the workplace.

The component is seen as generally appealing to the majority of employers. This is because human resource development professionals are more versatile in that they’re able to be positioned in several employee facing areas, which leads to a greater number of job opportunities available to those who are proficient in human resource techniques.

Is Human Source Development an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

It is generally agreed that the HRD elective is one of the easier online MBA components to pass. This is partly due to much of the course content being simple revision from earlier core components. It is also due to the high levels of creativity and personal input that students are able to provide within the component. Coaching and mentoring techniques can be tailored to suit a student’s specific need, so students needn’t feel worried that their own sense of flair will be held against them throughout the program. It might just be encouraged!

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