Human Resource Management: An Elective Online MBA Course

Future managers and leaders are likely to find themselves interested in human resources. This is because the field is the effective management of an organization’s greatest asset, which is the workers themselves! A well-organized team is one that will be more productive and efficient throughout their working day, so there is a continued and seemingly everlasting need for professionals who are able to guide a workforce towards success. However, what does the human resource management elective provide to an online MBA program?

What is Human Resource Management and How Does it Contribute to my Online MBA Program?

The objectives of human resource management can be divided into four areas of practice: organizational management, personnel administration, manpower management, and industrial management. Much of what the student will focus on in an online MBA setting focuses on manpower management. This is the organization of employees in their day-to-day activities, which include scheduling and performance appraisal.

Human resource managers are guided by the needs of the business at large. This means that targets, objectives, and strategies are formed by resource managers solely on what might be perceived as lacking in the business. For example, a lowered output may denote poorly motivated employees, so it would thus be the requirement of a resource manager to find means of motivating them that are within the available assets that a business possesses. However, the basic principals of human resource management take an idealistic assumption that all employers want to contribute to a business’ well-being. This may not necessarily be the case for all workers. It is therefore up to the student to become more receptive to the needs of employees through empathy and understanding the underlying needs of employees.

The course holds relevance to students who are primarily interested in leadership roles within an organization. This is because human resource managers are often the first or even final point of contact between an organization’s upper administration and the workforce itself. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for employment upon graduation and students aren’t likely to be faced with critical hardships when venturing into a HR field.

Is Human Resource Management an Easy Online MBA Component to Pass?

The level of difficulty students will be faced with in a HR program varies. This is because it is a strongly social program, so naturally introverted students may find themselves in a slightly disadvantageous position given the strong interpersonal skills required for success in a HR field. However, that is not to say that introverted students will not succeed, but success may take more practice than students who are naturally extroverted.

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