Influence: An Elective Online MBA Course

Influencing is a key negotiation tactic that aims to secure the best deal that is most in favor of a business’ interests. This can be done through several different means, but resorting to deceptive means can often be the end result for businesses in a critical point where negotiations must be closed. However, that is not to say that deception is the only means of influencing, so what can a student get out of selecting the influence module as an elective for their online MBA course?

What is the Influence Elective and What Can it Do for my Online MBA Course?

Influence is primarily a leadership module that has deep roots in negotiation techniques. This is because much of what the student will be exposed to involves discussing how people are influenced, how a manger can exert influence, and how to recognize influencing techniques used by other managers in a negotiation setting. Students will also be exposed to developing relationships solely based on personal or organizational goals.

Power is also a widely discussed topic in the influence module. This is because power plays a crucial role in a negotiation’s success or failure. Students will learn what degrees of power to exert in a negotiation process and when this exertion becomes excessive, which could cause a negotiation to turn sour and lucrative deals can be lost.

Is the Influence Elective Worth Adding to my Online MBA Transcript?

Influence can be a very worthwhile addition for students who wish to work in pressured negotiation situations as a primary career option upon graduation. The component should not be taken for other reasons. This is because it can be seen solely as a way to hone negotiation skills and be able to counter the persuasive attempts of others that detract the negotiator away from the business’ interests during the negotiation process. The component can also be seen as a way to develop basic leadership skills. However, students who are primarily interested in leadership qualities should lean towards job-specific components such as human resource management or even the generalized leadership elective.

The level of difficulty that accompanies the influence module varies. It can be seen as a lighter course option given the intensive focus on very specific topics of discussion, but it is certainly not the easiest component that is available to online MBA students. Prospective students should therefore be prepared to devote the time necessary to complete coursework and other requirements imposed by professors.

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