Introversion and Extroversion in an Online MBA Program

Online study can cater to many different lifestyles. It is a viable option for all walks of life and all personal circumstances, which can appeal to a wide spectrum of personalities. Online study is also frequently seen as an appealing option for introverted personalities as the quieter and more isolated environment can remove the social burdens on the introvert, but does this mean that an extroverted personality won’t succeed in an online MBA program?

Social Disadvantages for an Extroverted Personality in an Online MBA Program

One of the most obvious aspects that disappear when a student chooses to enroll in online study is the social advantages. Extroverted personalities typically thrive in a social setting, so the removal of this critical part of school might be something that demotivates an extroverted student. However, it does not mean that there is absolutely no social setting in an online MBA program.

Students with extroverted preferences will find that there are numerous ways to connect in an online MBA program. For example, the Learning Management System, which is often a required communication tool between professors and students in an online MBA program, often proves itself more than capable of fostering fruitful relationships between students. This is because the application allows real time conversation between students enrolled within a certain program, which can ultimately become useful in a non-classroom setting.

Extroverted students may also find social networks to be advantageous. This is because many social networking options have "group" features that allow communication based on a certain subject with other like-minded individuals. These group features can be used to promote discussion between classmates who are enrolled in specific online MBA programs, which allows the student to move away from the LMS into a more lighthearted environment for general socialization. Group features can also often cater to strict privacy settings, which could include restricting conversation solely to fellow students in a certain course.

Are Online MBA Programs Strictly for Introverted Personalities?

Introverted students have a natural advantage in that they do not yearn for social interaction with others, so an online environment caters to this strength and allows the introverted student to focus on his studies without the distraction of a social setting. However, this does not mean that online study is strictly for introverted students. When extroverted students find the social balance and setting they crave, then they can be just as productive and successful as their introverted counterparts. It’s just a matter of finding conversation opportunities!

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