Is an Accelerated Online MBA Right for Me?

Accelerated programs can appear to be very attractive on the surface. They offer a quicker route to academic credentials over traditional two to three year programs, so could very well get the student back into the workforce at a more rapid rate than the dreary standard lengths of study. However, what should students note before committing to an accelerated online MBA?

There Aren’t Many Breaks in an Accelerated Online MBA

Students often wonder how accelerated programs can offer the same academic qualification in a shorter period of time. The answer is found in the academic calendar. Where students are typically given breaks, accelerated students find that they’re still in classroom and learning settings. Accelerated students typically forgo midterm breaks and academic long weekends in order to be given course content. It is also not uncommon for summer breaks to be considerably reduced into weeks rather than months!

Accelerated Online MBA Programs Require Further Reading

While most post-secondary programs require further reading beyond what is simply required of students, accelerated programs present information under the assumption that the student has some pre-existing command on the material. It is for this reason that students must be prepared to do significant amounts of further reading beyond core requirements. If this is not undertaken by students, then they will soon find themselves falling behind on what the accelerated course has to offer or may not fully understand core concepts that will be later required of them in a professional capacity.

Accelerated Online MBA Programs Aren’t For Everyone

The added strain and pressure put on accelerated students might not be realistic ones for many students. This is because many students find themselves acclimatized to typical academic calendars, expected break periods, and the rate of information presentation throughout their school lives. The sudden onslaught of acceleration might be overwhelming to some, which can reduce a program’s effectiveness or may hinder a student’s overall success.

The only person who can answer if accelerated study is an appropriate option for him is the student. There are distinct pros and cons to weigh throughout the decision making process and they aren’t thoughts to be taken lightly. Accelerated study isn’t right for everyone, but can be a rewarding experience for those who feel it is an appropriate option for their circumstances. After all, an accelerated academic qualification can reap salary increases and enhance career outlooks more quickly than a standard program of study.

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