Is an Online MBA Ranking System Trustworthy?

Students who are interested in pursuing an online MBA often cite an official ranking system as the reason why they selected a specific program. While an official ranking system can be a great resource to start one’s research into the world of online MBA programs, they should certainly not be the final destination for students. This is because the sources are not fully trustworthy.

What are Online MBA Ranking Systems?

Many different publications and blogs have published what they deem to be an official ranking system. The inspiration surrounding why an online ranking system has come into existence differs by each creator, but each of them intend to present program rankings based on certain criteria. Some systems may prefer to present their results based on how budget-friendly the program is whereas others may prefer to judge based on professional outlook upon graduation. However, online ranking systems are also the subject to criticism and are frequently questioned in academic circles.

Why are Official Online MBA Rankings Questioned?

Many ranking systems that have published an updated 2010 system have declared that the University of Phoenix is their program of choice. While the University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited institution, it operates on a for-profit basis. This means that the quality of the education may be sacrificed in aims of meeting financial sustainability and profits.

The University of Phoenix also delivers an aggressive advertising campaign in aims of enticing new students. The school has become synonymous with online learning through extensive Internet advertising and has slowly penetrated the mass media, which is especially noted in frequent satire references as seen on various American-based television shows. This aggressive campaign requires an wealthy budget. It could also be possible that the University has implemented paid-for commercial advertisements on various websites, which might have also made their way into seemingly official online MBA ranking systems. This might have been done in order to receive such a prominent place over more well-received programs, which include those offered by leading regionally accredited institutions.

Should I Trust an Official Online MBA Ranking System?

This question can be met with a resounding “no”. An official ranking system can be a great place to start basic research and delve into what is available online, but shouldn’t be the final destination for prospective business students. The best place to receive relevant and up to date information is through direct word of mouth conversations with alumni. These invaluable words can be a great way to judge a University’s academic quality and worth for future employment opportunities.

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