Is an Online MBA Right for Me?

This highly subjective question is often pondered by many students who wish to pursue a MBA degree, but can’t do so because of work or family commitments. The idea of studying online seems to be a much easier option to some students, but it is important to recognize that online learning isn’t right for everyone. While the majority of business students enrolled in online study do succeed, there are a few that aren’t able to come to terms with the extreme differences that online study imposes on them.

Online MBA Degrees Can Feel Isolated

Online students often report feelings of isolation when it comes to their study. The lack of available friends, fellow classmates, and professors can be a startling occurrence that repels many prospective students from becoming more educated, but it needn’t be one that completely excludes the method of study altogether. While it is indeed something that should be considered, it is likely that feelings of isolation will pass as the student becomes more adjusted to the method of learning and is able to connect with other like minded students on a more intimate level to provide mutual support and assistance throughout the learning experience.

Online MBA Degrees May Have Lower Quality Standards

Many accredited online study programs require students to perform to similar standards as those who are attending classroom study. No preferential treatment will be given to online students due to the more difficult circumstances that they face, so students must be prepared to dedicate themselves completely to the mode of study and fully immerse themselves within the course material in order to get the most out of their online MBA. Students must also be prepared to go slightly out of their comfort zone in aims of satisfying what a professor might expect from an online student in terms of their work output and own personal quality standards.

Online MBA Degrees Can Be Challenging

Online study is a challenge in and of itself that presents a strong learning curve. The student will not be regularly faced with professors and classmates to interact with and must instead provide themselves with an appropriate learning method to absorb all of what the course provides in order to successfully complete end of term exams. Online students also comment that the lack of their classmate’s presence is a challenge as the student’s most viable support network will not be available to help them in their time of need. Online students must therefore be prepared to dedicate themselves completely to the course material in order to get the most out of it.

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