Making Strategies Work: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students who find themselves succeeding in the strategic core components of an online MBA often find themselves attracted to furthering their strategic knowledge in electives. It is fortunate to note that there are several elective options available for strategic thinkers in an online MBA program. The making strategies work component is one of those options. It combines the knowledge gained in core components and refines it into a more aggressive approach for a corporate setting. However, is it a useful option for those who are considering it for their online MBA program?

What is the Making Strategies Work Elective?

Making strategies work offers students a chance to hone their strategic thought by applying to real corporate settings. Many strategic thinkers encounter common pitfalls during the course of their planning, which are addressed in the elective by discussing such pitfalls as information sharing, inappropriate incentives for performing, and the management of a sudden culture change.

Students are also given the opportunity to act on their execution. Many managers agree that conceptualizing a strategy is the easy part of forming a strategy. The most difficult part is the execution phase where managers must convince their workforce that the strategy is the most appropriate direction to move forward in. This in itself can be very difficult as political and organizational obstacles can prevent progression in a corporate setting, so students in the elective will be taught comprehensive means of achieving success in the face of adversity.

Many managers also agree that constructing a strategy “road map” is key to executing it, which is effectively a detailed plan that incorporates a step-by-step guide to releasing a strategy and what results it aims to see in return. Students will also become well-versed in this technique by learning how to construct their own road maps that aim to reveal the extent of a strategy’s success over time.

Is Making Strategies Work Worthwhile for my Online MBA Program?

While it can be said that standard strategy components offer similar views as what is presented in the making strategies work component, they often do not do so in a way that is as methodical as the elective. It could therefore be a worthwhile selection for students who wish to be more involved in corporate strategy upon graduation. The teaching of road maps can also be a valuable asset to acquire for future employment opportunities after graduating from the online MBA program.

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