Managing People in Changing Contexts: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students who find themselves more focused on managerial career opportunities are able to demonstrate their interest through electives. One elective available to them is known as managing people in changing context. It is a highly specialized component that addresses a key issue that many businesses face. However, is it a suitable choice for prospective business managers and what exactly is its worth to an online MBA program?

What is Managing People in Changing Contexts as an Online MBA Elective?

Organizational behavior can quickly become chaotic in a period of change. This is especially evident at the workforce level as sudden changes can disturb accustomed daily routines that might have otherwise proven themselves to be suitably efficient. This can result in a reduction of productivity that can become quite costly for the business at large. In order to manage this, the need for experts in organizational behavior has risen and businesses now have the option of hiring employees who are well-versed in the topic.

Managing people in changing contexts itself is geared for managers who wish to understand key issues of organizational change and be armed with practical advice and tools to help manage changes more efficiently. However, in closely analyzing change, students will also be exposed to corporate hierarchy and will be able to understand the chain of command that follows many rungs of a corporate setting. This is especially important to change management as corporate executives can’t simply dictate a change and expect the lowest employees to follow through. There is a long-winded communication line that must make its way from chairman to laborer!

Is Managing People in Changing Contexts a Worthwhile Addition to my Online MBA Transcript?

Given that the topic is highly specialized, it is possible that some students may find use for it. The component is best seen as a complimentary module to other electives, such as those focusing on human resources or employee relations. However, it is not advisable to select it as a sole choice when other electives do not directly compliment it. This is because the knowledge gained from the component may not be wholly relevant to employers unless it is supported on a foundation of other managerial electives.

The specialization is often regarded as one of the easier choices to make in an online MBA program, but this is not to say that it is not a challenge. Students must be prepared to commit to the study requirements imposed on them by the program and their professors!

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