Managing Personal Competencies: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students are enriched with opportunities to become proficient in the human resource department through online MBA electives. One of the options available to them is the managing personal competencies elective. This course primarily caters to students who wish to be front line representatives of the human resource department. This means students wish to be employed in a position that directly deals with an organization’s workforce. However, what is the course all about and is it a worthwhile addition to a human resource manager’s transcript in an online MBA program?

What is the Managing Personal Competencies Elective in an Online MBA Program?

An organization’s greatest asset is often attributed as being the workforce. This is because the workforce satisfies the production requirements of a good or the technical requirements of a service, so it is important for human resource managers to effectively provide them with the necessary skills and motivation to succeed in a corporate environment.

Managing personal competencies is a specialized elective that aims to develop leadership and influencing abilities in students. This is done primarily through raising self awareness relating to personal effectiveness, which includes such qualities as communication and self-management. Students will also be exposed to influencing principals that impact on the workforce at large, which include recruitment techniques, change management, bargaining, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Is it a Worthwhile Addition to my Online MBA Transcript?

The managing personal competencies component often receives mixed reviews. This is because it is a specialized component that only aims to fill a distinct void with specific knowledge. For this reason, students should not approach the course as something for general interest. The component should be thought of solely as something that will enhance a transcript when applying for specific job opportunities, which in this case directly relate to a human resource department.

Students should also view the component as something that directly compliments other modules on a transcript, which might include leadership or management modules. It is unlikely that employers would hire based solely on the completion of a personal competencies module, so it should be used to enhance other existing components in order to make a transcript truly stand out.

Students should also note that the component is one of the easier options available. However, this does not mean that students will be in for a light ride, so students should always be prepared to devote the necessary time and effort required to successfully complete the requirements of the component.

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