Marketing Communications: An Elective Online MBA Course

Students with outgoing social preferences are often quick to cite marketing as one of their preferred components in an online MBA program. This is because the program awards them with the opportunity to express their creativity through intimately dealing with the consumer, which in itself can generate sound marketing strategies for a product’s success. Perhaps the most outspoken marketing elective can be ascribed to marketing communication, which is mostly concerned with the promotion part of the marketing mix. However, just what is involved in marketing communications and how is it useful for an online MBA student?

What is the Marketing Communications Online MBA Component?

Marketing communications is a practice that involves all of those employed in product promotion, such as advertisers, branders, graphic designers, sponsors, public relations experts, sales promoters, and online marketers. It is through all these mediums where marketers can effectively produce and execute marketing communication strategies that affect the end consumer.

Market communication is divided into five steps: sender, encoding, transmission device, decoding, and receiver. Each communication link begins with the sender identifying his intended reviver, which requires the business to effectively identifying their target market. Encoding creates a creative idea then converts it into advertisements to suit different transmission devices, which might include television or radio advertisements. Decoding occurs when the receiver is able to receive the message and interpret it through his senses, which might be watching the television advertisement or listening to the radio advertisement.

However, there are also barriers that can prevent a marketing communication attempt from reaching the receiver. A barrier occurs when anything distorts or disrupts a message. Poor radio reception or interference in a television set could be potential candidates as barriers.

Is Marketing Communications Useful for my Online MBA Program?

Students who gravitate towards marketing as a career option will undoubtedly find marketing communications to be a useful addition for their online MBA transcript. This is because the component enhances basic marketing principals and addresses common pitfalls that many marketers face in terms of barriers.

The course content can be described as moderate in terms of its difficultly. There is much to learn about marketing communications, so students must be prepared to meet what is required of them throughout the component. Students will ultimately be rewarded with a viable addition to any marketer’s transcript upon successful completion, so it is well worthwhile to undertake it if marketing is in a student’s future!

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