MBA Students Look for More Social Media

October 10, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

New surveys have unveiled that a whopping 85 percent of prospective MBA students use social media to research their top choice programs and universities, and 71 percent of enrolled students claim to use social media for their school research. Another 99 percent of prospective business school applicants agree that social media was either a “necessity in every field of study” or “somewhat important depending on the field of study”.

Admissions Take Note

This is a wake-up call to graduate schools admissions, because 14 percent of prospective students report that they are disappointed with their school choices’ use of the technology, and 63 percent want social media incorporated into recruitment processes more. Although many schools already use social media to reach out to students, it’s falling flat for social media hungry prospectives. Additionally, using social media as an outreach tool has immense potential, and allows the conversation between student and school to be more two-sided; and will certainly serve the interested potential applicant far better than just getting a pamphlet in the mail.

Students Demand More

This is also a sign for graduate school curricula. It shows how important social media is becoming in many, if not all, industries. Today, social media training is in higher demand than ever before, and schools are responding. More and more courses are being added in many business schools, including some of the most prestigious, such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and New York University. One of the recently instituted courses, “Social Media for Brand Managers” at NYU, actually maxed out its capacity at registration, illustrating the high demand for similar courses.

Many students are demanding this training because they can see the marketplace is changing, and schools need to respond. For example, today’s branding has become less of broadcasting a single message, and more of an interactive, communicative relationship between the brand and the consumer. Christine Eberle, a contributor to The Social Media Management Handbook, states how “businesses must learn how to use social media to start a two-way conversation with their customers and potential customers… those companies will look for that leadership among business school graduates.”

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