MBAs are Earned Faster in Fast Growing Technological Fields

November 15, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

It seems that everything is getting smaller and faster these days; phones, computers, music players. They all work at lightening-speed pace and come smaller and smaller. The Florida Institute of Technology knows this more than anyone, as a school devoted to technology; and is now applying the mindset to its degree offerings.

Florida Tech Offers Fast “Mini” MBA Program

Florida Tech, although a technical institute, has previously offered MBA degrees in fields that relate to the IT industry; such as information technology management and internet marketing alongside more traditional MBA programs. However, now it just launched a “mini” MBA program in which students can enroll in online classes that are credit earning, which means after the program they can be applied to a traditional MBA if they decide to do so. It also means that the courses are eligible for financial aid.

The course is also loosely structured, so those currently in jobs will be able to keep their employment while working towards their degree – a major plus for working professionals. They also can finish the degree in only eight months.

A Boon for Tech Whizzes

For the IT professionals of America, this could be a highly attractive program. As technology companies boom and tech whizzes are being aggressively recruited by technological juggernauts such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon; to a point where FastCompany entitled the competition the “Great Tech War” and keeps ongoing tabs on the “skirmishes” between these companies.

As these great minds are rising higher and higher on the totem pole, and tech companies are becoming the new powerhouses of American business, IT professionals are getting the chance to begin their careers working on computers and end up in high-ranking management positions. The mini-MBA is the newest step by higher education to cater to these new executives and give them the skills they need when and how they need them.

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