Mergers and Acquisitions: An Elective Online MBA Course

Both mergers and acquisitions are often misunderstood concepts in the world of business. Even some corporate higher-ups are unable to come to grips with what to do when presented with the possibility of a merger or acquisition. This has presented a demand for students who are well-equipped to deal with either scenario, which can be displayed through the mergers and acquisitions elective during an online MBA program. However, what exactly is involved in the course and what can students expect when selecting it as an elective?

An Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions in an Online MBA Program

It is important for students to note that a merger and an acquisition is not necessarily the same process. While the terms are used used synonymously, an acquisition involves a new owner succeeding the current owner of a business and clearly establishes himself as the new owner. A merger by contrast is the joining of two businesses to share a single vision without separating into two business entities.

It is also rare for a true merger of equals to happen. In most cases, one company will overthrow the other in a process that would legally be an acquisition, but will be identified as a merger in order to avoid the often negative stigma that an acquisition carries with it. Mergers are often only identified in friendly circumstances when two companies join under one ideal that promotes both partners equally. When a joining of two businesses is under less friendly terms, such as when the target company does not want to purchased or when over 50% of shares are purchased by one entity, then it is always regarded as an acquisition.

Students will come to use the terms and understand the arbitrary differences throughout the program. However, theoretical knowledge is not always the prime focus of the mergers and acquisitions elective. Students will also often be empowered on how to make the appropriate selection for certain businesses, such as when it would be appropriate to merge or acquire another business. Having this level of practical knowledge often appeals to employers seeking managerial candidates as their skills can be relied upon in poorer economic circumstances.

Is Mergers and Acquisitions an Easier Online MBA Component to Pass?

The information given to students throughout the elective is highly specialized, so students will not find themselves struggling to learn a significant amount of material in a short period of time. It is for this reason that the component is often referred to as easy. However, that is not to say students will find the course simple, so they must be prepared to deal with the tasks as required throughout the program!

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