Military GI Bill Benefits for Online MBA Students

The Montgomery GI Bill was established at the end of World War II in aims of helping servicemen get back to typical civilian life upon returning home from active duty. It is still in current existence, but it has modified itself to suit current economic climates as the years have passed. One of the main benefits it provides is for a serviceman’s education.

How to Determine Online MBA Benefits with the Montgomery GI Bill

The Montgomery GI Bill agrees to pay a proportion of in-state, public tuition that varies depending on the state and the time that a serviceman served in the military, which is calculated in 24 hour days. Each branch with exception of the Coast Guard may not calculate training days into the benefit determination until 910 days of active service have elapsed.

What will the Montgomery GI Bill Pay for my Online MBA Program?

The lowest amount the Montgomery GI Bill agrees to pay is 40% of a serviceman’s education. This is applicable for students who have serviced a minimum of 90 to 179 days depending on branch, which does not include the time spent in training. This value increases exponentially until the Montgomery GI Bill agrees to fund 100% of a serviceman’s education. In order to qualify for full funding, servicemen must have served for an active 1,095 days of service. This value can include time spent in training.

What Else Does the Montgomery GI Bill Provide for my Online MBA Program?

A basic housing allowance is also applicable for some. In order to qualify for housing benefits, servicemen must have reached a rank of E-5. This housing benefit pays a flat fee of approximately $1,000 per month and can be used for tuition, housing, or a combination of both.

Why should I Choose the Montgomery GI Bill for my Online MBA Program?

The simplicity of the Montgomery GI Bill makes it an ideal choice for students who find themselves preoccupied with their studies. This is because the Montgomery GI Bill pays a flat, fixed rate on a monthly basis, which will allow students to assure themselves of what they will receive on a monthly basis. It is also an accessible option. This is because many active servicemen qualify themselves for the bill’s benefits after a short period of time, so can provide benefits for the greater majority of active servicemen without fully discriminating against ranks and elapsed time.

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