Nationally Accredited Online MBA Programs

National accreditation is an educational distinction awarded to institutions in the United States. However, unlike regional accreditation that serves academic not-for-profit institutions, national accreditation is available solely to for-profit vocational schools, which could include technical training colleges or trade schools. This does mean that national accreditation is available to fewer schools, but does it mean that the quality of an online MBA is lower if it is nationally accredited?

National or Regional: What Is Better for My Online MBA Program?

It is likely that employers may perceive a nationally accredited program as being of a lower standard. This is because it is regulated by bodies that oversee vocational training centers. This also means that students run the risk of being unable to transfer credits from nationally accredited schools to regionally accredited ones as many have general policies of rejecting credits from nationally accredited schools. This could be for many reasons, but many academic institutions perceive nationally accredited learning centers as poorer quality due to it being a business focused environment that is solely interested in profiting. This profit may come at cost cutting expenses, which might include hiring newer teachers or teachers with poorer reputations in the academic world. It is therefore important for students to check with a regionally accreditation institution’s policies when dealing with credit transfers. It is possible that no credits will be accepted from nationally accredited institutions.

Should My Online MBA be through a Nationally Accredited Online MBA Program?

There are many reasons why a student would wish to study towards a nationally accredited online MBA. Many of these are concerned with cost. Nationally accredited programs are offered at a lower cost than traditional regionally accredited Universities, which may seem like an appealing option with skyrocketing tuition costs and other academic fees. However, it is important to note that nationally accredited programs are in existence solely to profit. This means that teachers may not take an interest in a student’s performance so long as the institution as a whole is profiting from attendance.

National accreditation also means that a nationally accredited qualification may not be outwardly recognizable to employers. This is because national accreditation does not depend on standardization. Non standardized study may present a challenge to employers in that institutions differ greatly on course content and components, so information provided to a student may not be relevant or up to date with standard practices. Students concerned with future employment opportunities should therefore always remain with a regionally accredited course.


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  1. Katie says:

    I didn’t realize there was such a difference, or that an employer or future employer would look so carefully at what type of accreditation the school you go to has. I know that Thunderbird School of Global Management is an accredited school, just not sure what type. They also are ranked high for their distance programs and executive MBA programs and many other offerings. I think as long as you choose a reputable school such as Thunderbird to earn your degree from any employer would be impressed.

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