Nationally Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Required

Accreditation is of the utmost importance for students enrolling in post-secondary education. It rewards students with a standardized education that employers find useful due to modern relevance to current industry standards. However, national accreditation is not the easiest accreditation standard to come across in the academic world. It is primarily offered to institutions that offer vocational, for-profit education, which is more commonly seen in technical training colleges and trade schools. However, online MBA programs that fall into national accreditation do exist and some of them are known to waive the GMAT requirement!

Why Would Not Sitting The GMAT Benefit My Online MBA Program?

Students often feel pressured to perform when it comes to sitting an unknown test. While candidates typically have the knowledge to succeed on a GMAT test, they often feel uneasy about completing something so forced and unusual. GMAT tests are scored on a sliding scale with higher scores corresponding to correct answers on more difficult questions, so students will continually be presented with increasingly difficult questions that may not have blatantly obvious answers. All of this additional stress and pressure can quickly become overwhelming and students may fail to perform at their best levels on the GMAT. Some students may even find themselves making careless mistakes when confronted with the high pressure situation, which ultimately reduces the student’s score on the GMAT and may exclude a student from consideration due to the low result. It goes without saying that several otherwise able and willing students have been rejected from various MBA programs due to poor scores on the GMAT. However, it’s fortunate to report that many institutions are foregoing the GMAT requirement in favor of other more individualized admission requirements.

What Are Examples of Institutions That Do Not Require the GMAT for Their Online MBA Programs?

Students who decide to become exempt from the GMAT must satisfy the institution’s requirements to do so. For the most part, this will be demonstrating professional work history in a managerial or executive setting for many years. However, there are also options that exist for students who do not have this level of professional experience and still wish to become exempt from the GMAT test for personal or academic reasons. A few examples of these institutions include:

  • American Graduate University
  • American Sentential University
  • California National University for Advanced Studies
  • University of Management and Technology
  • William Howard Taft University

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