Negotiation: An Elective Online MBA Course

Negotiations are a crucial stage in many business and practices. The pursuit of securing the best possible deal for one’s self or on behalf of another party can be exhilarating, but it can also be stressful if the negotiator is in a poor position to barter. This has created a demand for business students who are comfortable in a negotiation setting. This level of comfort can be displayed through the negotiation elective, which aims to develop a student’s negotiation skills. However, what else does it offer an online MBA student and what can students expect from it overall?

An Overview of the Negotiation Elective in an Online MBA Program

There could be many reasons why a business would be forced into a negotiation setting. Some negotiations focus on employee and employer relations, which might be focused on wage increases or additional benefits. Other negotiations may require two businesses to meet in aims of securing the best possible placement deals between two competitive products. Irrespective of what the business aims of achieve from the negotiation process, the need for trained negotiators is great and students will likely become adept negotiators through their elective selection.

The tricks of negotiation take several forms. One of these tricks is to understand body language, which is a central focus of many negotiation programs. Non-verbal signals are strong indicators of a negotiation’s process and students will become informed regarding telltale signs that a negotiation is in their hands. This could be through witnessing the target slouching or crossing his arms; both of which are signs of defensiveness and indicate the negotiator’s power in the discussion.

Personality traits are also widely discussed in a negotiation elective, which include tactics on how to subdue certain traits. For example, introverted targets may find themselves helpless when a negotiation is quick and fast moving. Negotiators who are able to rapidly present points and move swiftly throughout the discussion will undoubtedly find themselves in a stronger position to dictate terms and conditions!

Is the Negotiation Elective an Easy Component in an Online MBA Program?

Negotiation skills are often perceived as being easy to grasp and the elective itself is said to be easier than other widely available options. This is primarily due to the course being specialized and only focusing on a small amount of material in a standard academic period of time. However, while the theoretical knowledge might be easier to grasp, students must be prepared to engage in pressured situations when using it!

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