Online General MBA Programs

Online general MBA programs are perfect for people who want to get further education in business, but aren’t completely sure about which specific business field.

What is an Online General MBA?

An online general MBA gives students the advanced knowledge necessary to further their career in the business world. Graduating with an online general MBA degree will equip you with a broad knowledge of business topics and therefore offer you the flexibility to work in a number of fields in the corporate business world.

Is an Online General MBA program right for me?

An online general MBA is right for you if you have an undergraduate degree in business, not a whole lot of work experience in the corporate world, and a desire to further your education in business. An online general MBA is perfect for those who want to learn about all aspects of business and not necessarily hone in on one topic.

How long does it take to earn an Online General MBA?

Similar to other Masters programs, it takes two years to complete an online general MBA if you intend to take a full course load every semester.  Online general MBA programs are designed to be flexible, allowing you to keep your full-time job while studying. If you intend to study part time while working, it will take longer to complete your online MBA.

What are the admission requirements for Online General MBA Programs?

Because this type of MBA program is geared towards people who are coming straight from undergraduate school and don’t have a lot of work experience, typical requirements include:

  • College transcript
  • GMAT test score
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume

What skills will I learn in an Online General MBA?

In an online general MBA you will take courses that deal with all areas of business. The skills you will acquire include:

  • Budget planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Accounting
  • Management of information systems
  • Employee management
  • Business plan writing
  • Business statistics
  • Strategy

What courses will I take in an Online General MBA?

Since an online general MBA touches on several aspects of business, you will take a variety of classes, including:

  • Finance and Accounting classes: General Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Financial Management
  • Marketing and Sales classes: Marketing Strategy, Sales Force Management
  • Strategy classes: Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy
  • Leadership classes: Human Resources Development, Organizational Behavior
  • Economics classes: Business Economics, International Economics

What types of jobs are available after obtaining an Online General MBA?

Careers available to graduates of online general MBA programs are often managerial in nature. Job titles include marketing manager, sales manager, finance manager IT manager, production manager, or supervisor. Some graduates also start their own business or work for the government.

What are the job prospects for those with an Online General MBA?

Because the online general MBA program is so broad and graduates take jobs in a wide variety of industries, salaries can range anywhere from $37,580 to upwards of $113,490.

The need for those with an online general MBA is ever increasing. The business world is in need of people who have knowledge on a broad variety of subjects. General MBA’s are preferred than specific MBA’s because those with them have the training in all aspects of business.


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