Online JD/MBA Programs

Online JD/MBA Programs are excellent for students who want a higher degree in both law and business. The online aspect of it allows the student to be a little more flexible with their school work if they have a career and/or family. This multidisciplinary program allows students to focus on management and law.

What is an Online JD/MBA Program?

An online JD/MBA Program is a dual program that focuses on both law and business. Because it is a dual degree, the only advantage a student gets from taking it online is they can do it at home. Most programs still require students to do the same amount of work in the same time frame as traditional students.

Is an Online JD/MBA Program right for me?

An Online JD/MBA Program is right for you if you plan on having your career focus in either law or business. Those who choose to pursue an online JD/MBA degrees are extremely focused, motivated and have high aspirations. This is an excellent program for a student who would like to have their own law firm, or work with contracts and legal issues for a business.

How long does it take to attain an Online JD/MBA Degree?

This online JD/MBA program is a four-year long program if you study full time. However, doing it jointly will knock off one year than doing them each separately. Most universities do not offer students part-time status simply because of the amount of coursework and dedication it takes to finish this program and do well in it. Most programs require students to have 16 hours of managerial course work and 72 hours of law coursework.

What are the admission requirements for Online JD/MBA Programs?

With this dual degree program students have to meet the admission requirements for both the School of Business and the School of Law. MBA requirements are normally 2-3 years of work experience in the corporate world, 2 letters of recommendation, at least a 3.0 GPA, and high scores on the GMAT. JD requirements are 2 letters of recommendation, at least a 3.0 GPA and high scores on the LSAT.

What skills will I learn in an Online JD/MBA Program?

Students will acquire skills such as understanding complex contracts and legal terminology, research methods, writing, business law, critical thinking, and legal strategy. In addition to learning about marketing, management, finance, accounting and economics. Though all skills aren’t taught in the classroom students will have a greater understanding for critical thinking, perseverance, diligence and focus.

What courses will I take in an Online JD/MBA Program?

Because the online JD/MBA program is a dual program students will have to take courses dealing with both law and business. Most courses will not overlap to fulfill course requirements for both degrees. Students will have to take a wide range of classes including:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Strategies

What types of jobs are available after obtaining an Online JD/MBA Degree?

There are so many jobs available to those with a JD/MBA Degree in both the business and legal world. Some careers include: working with contracts or with the governement, working as a Business Consultant, working with mergers and acquisitions, in patent law, as a Regulatory Compliance Administrator, working in lobbying and labor relations, as a financial advisor, in corporate bankruptcy, or as a professor.

What are the job prospects with an JD/MBA Degree?

If you already have an established career before getting a JD/MBA Degree the promotion or raise you are looking for isn’t too far away once you’ve got this degree in your hand. This degree is so well respected that prestigious law firms are giving huge signing bonuses to new employees with this degree. Students can expect and demand a six-figure income from the start.

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