Online Libraries for Online MBA Programs

Students in online programs typically waive their rights or have limited access to campus libraries. Distance study by definition is study that is done away from the school, so it’s not uncommon for students to go without library access for the entire duration of their program! This does present a dilemma though. While textbooks and online reading materials can provide a good learning experience, there is a strong void that is left by library access. Fortunately there are online libraries for students’ use in an online MBA program.

The Online Books Page for an Online MBA Program

The Online Books Page is a well-indexed online library for free use. It is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania and provides free access to over 30,000 books and titles in current circulation. Each title is formatted in HTML and can be accessed by any HTML capable device for instant reading. There are no registration processes involved, so users have instant access to all of the titles that are currently hosted on the website.

Online MBA students find The Online Books Page particularly useful. This is because the website hosts several business topics and titles, such as those related finance, accountancy, marketing, and law. Having these titles on hand can be a great cost reducer for students as some core text books may be available on The Online Books Page, so can be accessed and stored free of charge!

Project Gutenberg for an Online MBA Program

Project Gutenberg is another excellent free to use resource for online texts. It is similar to The Online Books Page in terms of its interface and presentation, but caters more closely to those interested in fiction and out of print texts. However, this does not mean that online MBA students won’t find Project Gutenberg useful. The website offers several business-related topics such as finance, marketing, and administration for free access and reading.

Why Use an Online Library for an Online MBA Program?

Online libraries can be a great way to reduce the cost of textbooks in a college program. If students can adjust to reading from a screen as opposed to reading from a physical book, then there are few reasons to purchase textbooks if they are available in online libraries free of charge! However, students should always be ready to challenge what they read in online libraries. While it isn’t likely that text will be tampered with, there is always an opportunity to do so!

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