4 Common MBA Interview Questions and Topics

The interview is a critical stage of a MBA application. It is likely that a student has satisfied the academic panel’s prerequisites if he is being invited to an interview, so it is not the time to make mistakes! Besides observing standard interview practices such as being well-dressed and on time, there are other considerations to make in the form of questions and answers. There are several... [Read more...]

3 Parts to Make Your Online MBA Application Shine

Academic applications can appear very similar to one another, which doesn’t make for a very pleasing reading experience. It is therefore prudent for students to make every effort possible to ensure their application stands out from the rest of the pile! There are several ways to go about this and many sources may claim to offer surefire ways to ensure their applications are accepted, but the... [Read more...]

2 Tips to Get a Persuasive Online MBA Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are of critical importance to students who wish to enroll in an online MBA. They briefly outline why a student ought to be accepted into a program and what graduating from the program will do for them. With such high levels of importance placed on them, it is crucial for students to source them from reputable individuals who will offer words of wisdom for academic judging... [Read more...]

3 Tips for Writing Your Online MBA Application Essay

The application essay is a critical component of an online MBA application. In short, it s a brief two to three page outline that details why I student wishes to be considered to study. However, many students find it to be a tremendous stumbling block. While writing about one’s self isn’t the easiest of tasks, it can be made more manageable and the end result can impress just about any... [Read more...]

How to Get Into a Top Online MBA with a Low GPA

Students are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to applying for graduate study with a low GPA. Many Universities and colleges are quick to question students when presented with a low GPA score. Some may not even question students at all and simply reject them from consideration at the first opportunity! However, there are steps students can take to remain competitive in the consideration process... [Read more...]

Nationally Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Required

Accreditation is of the utmost importance for students enrolling in post-secondary education. It rewards students with a standardized education that employers find useful due to modern relevance to current industry standards. However, national accreditation is not the easiest accreditation standard to come across in the academic world. It is primarily offered to institutions that offer vocational,... [Read more...]

Regionally Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Required

Regional accreditation is a benchmark standard for academic excellence. It is available primarily to those institutions that offer academic, not-for-profit education. This typically encompasses most major Universities and colleges within the United States, so students will not be short supplied when it comes to options for MBA learning. However, online learning is a rapidly evolving learning method... [Read more...]

AACSB Accredited Online MBA with No GMAT Required

AACSB accreditation is an academic standard of excellence. The accreditation standard was first founded in 1916 under the mission that high quality education can be formed through accreditation and thoughtful leadership. Modern times have confirmed the requirement of accreditation due to fraudulent institutions and questionable educational standards, but institutions themselves are also becoming more... [Read more...]

Top Online MBA Programs with No GMAT Required

The Graduate Management Admission Test is often a requirement of many online MBA programs. It is a standardized test that scores potential candidates based on an adaptive scale that tailors questions based on the level of knowledge that the candidate possesses. While it is a great scoring tool that can accurately gauge a candidate’s potential success in the business world, the GMAT can also... [Read more...]

Do I Need to Take the GMAT for an Online MBA?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, which is abbreviated to "GMAT", is a common admission test required of business professionals who wish to enter graduate programs such as a MBA. It is typical of many institutions to require this of students during the admission process and is often a deciding factor in accepting or rejecting students. However, what exactly is the GMAT and do students... [Read more...]

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