3 Reasons You Should Not Get an MBA Degree

There are many proponents of graduate studies who profess the value and worth of acquiring the Master of Business Administration degree. However, there are also many advocates who speak against higher education. This often leaves students in disarray for what their next step should be in terms of their future careers. While an undergraduate degree is certainly not worthless, undergraduate students... [Read more...]

6 Reasons You Should Get an MBA Degree

Undergraduates are at an all time high in terms of their availability in the working world. Students who are concerned about their future employment prospects typically pursue graduate studies in the form of a Master’s degree, which is the Master of Business Administration for those students focused on a business major. There are many reasons for wanting to pursue an online MBA, but the top six... [Read more...]

Why Earn an MBA

Students considering graduate school in a post-secondary setting often ponder the value of a Master’s degree; especially one that is concentrated in a business major. While the decision to enter graduate school is not one that can be taken lightly, there is often concern surrounding the true value of the Master of Business Administration degree. Prospective students can rest assured that the... [Read more...]

What is an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration degree is a post-secondary education course accessible by those who have completed a prerequisite for course entry, which is normally a bachelor’s degree in a business or financial field of study. However, there are many other methods that students have used to gain entry into a MBA course that have included being accepted on a case-per-case basis depending... [Read more...]