Online MBA Costs

How much does an average online MBA cost?

An online MBA can cost as little as $8,000 – or over $100,000. The tuition cost varies substantially from school to school. Best Online MBA has surveyed the top 30 online MBA programs and the average cost of a top online MBA is $32,902. But does pricing indicate the intrinsic worth of some programs over others? While it might be easy to sneer at the low-cost online MBA providers, remember that pricey doesn’t necessarily mean better, so be sure to check and compare program rankings and accreditation.

How do I calculate how much my online MBA will cost?

When calculating and comparing online MBA costs, take a look at the following factors that impact the cost of your online MBA:

  1. Number of semester hours required
  2. Cost per semester hour
  3. Registration and material fees

Here’s a formula that you can use to estimate your total program cost: (Number of semester hours required) x (Cost per semester hour) + (Fees).

In addition to these three factors, you should also look closely at the class format of an MBA program. You’ll save money if the program is 100% online, since you don’t have to spend money on commuting to a local study center or the university campus.

The program profiles at contain information about the program’s estimated cost and class format.

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