Strategic Planning: A Core Online MBA Course

Strategic planning by definition is the business leader’s process of defining corporate strategy and deciding how to best allocate resources to most efficiently meet this strategy, which includes both financial and labor resources. Given its critical stance in the world of business, it is easy to see why it takes such a prominent role in many online MBA programs. It is often a core component... [Read more...]

Project Management: A Core Online MBA Course

Project management is a required component in most online MBA programs. The course teaches the necessities of planning, organizing, resource securing, and resource management in order to successfully complete a project or meet certain targets. By definition, a project is a temporary assignment, so successful project managers in the field must be able to accomplish tasks and organize his workforce appropriately... [Read more...]

Organisational Behaviour: A Core Online MBA Course

Organizational studies are a core component of many online MBA programs, which often specifically focuses on organizational behavior. This is because organizational behavior directly appeals to employees in a managerial or human resources position. With units such as leadership, motivation, culture, and change, it is easy to see why organizational behavior is a prime focus of many online MBA programs.... [Read more...]

Marketing: A Core Online MBA Course

Marketing is often a required core component in many online MBA courses. It combines the principals of market research, product selling, and advertisement to further enhance sales. Marketing strategies generate the necessary momentum to ensure a product’s success in a competitive marketplace, which can be done through business communication and sales techniques. It is also often the sole point... [Read more...]

Finance: A Core Online MBA Course

Finance by definition is the science of funds management. This management comes in all forms, but online MBA students are primarily exposed to business-level management alongside personal and public forms of finance. It is a component that is well-worth studying as it introduces advanced financial concepts that are required of managers and leaders in a corporate environment. It is something that caters... [Read more...]

Economics: A Core Online MBA Course

Economics by definition is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It is a core concept of businesses at large, so it is easy to see why it is such an integral part of an online MBA program. However, students often gravitate towards the MBA as a path towards managerial and leadership roles within businesses. This can reduce economic principals... [Read more...]

Accounting: A Core Online MBA Course

The Master of Business Administration is a multifaceted program that encompasses several different areas in both business and administration. One of these areas is accounting. While it is not often outwardly perceived as being a critical component of a MBA, understanding the principals of accountancy is a required trait of successful business administrators. This is because most businesses thrive on... [Read more...]