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Online MBA forums can be a great place to discuss the goings-on of an online education program. However, finding them can be rather difficult! The Blackboard does provide an opportunity for students involved in the same program to connect on a more intimate basis, which is often termed the “coffee shop” forum, but sometimes this isn’t enough. There are times when having a wider opinion can reap a greater reward! This is where external forums are made useful.

Search Engines and Online MBA Forums

Search engines may not seem to be the most useful tool in uncovering online MBA forums, but it is likely that students aren’t using them the right way in order to yield appropriate search results. Finding appropriate search results depends on using a long tail search term. This means that students must type specific needs in order to yield specific results, which could include online MBA forums. However, using quotation marks can specific hone results to use the search term in its presented order. Generally speaking, this means “online MBA forum” will yield more specific results than online MBA forum.

While using the long tail search term technique will be most appropriate for uncovering online MBA forums, it is important that students understand the importance of “stop words” in performing searches. In a nutshell, a stop word is a word that isn’t acknowledged by a search engine in order to speed up the search process. This means common terms such as a, an, the, and to will be ignored by search engines. Students should therefore avoid using these terms when making long tail searches wherever possible in order to improve their own efficiency.

It is also wise to use terms that are specific to the discussion that students want to find. For example, “Online MBA Forum” and “Finance Discussion” can be fused together to reveal online MBA discussion threads related to finance. Similarly, “Online MBA Forum” and “Human Resources Discussion” can be used to reveal threads pertaining to human resources. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding specific discussion threads!

When All Else Fails in Online MBA Forums

If finding a specific discussion thread or even a forum itself is proving too difficult for students, then using the common “coffee shop” forum in an online MBA program can be a great place to start forging friendships and sharing study trips. Maybe another student has been keeping his own discussion forum a secret!


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  1. Tamisha says:

    I am currently working on a Premiere Online Forum and Community for women with MBA’s. There is obviously a lack in this area!

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