Online MBA in Human Resources (HR)

Online Human Resources (HR) MBA degree programs are fairly new yet becoming more and more popular. Human resources refers to a group of people in an organization that form the backbone of an organization and keep everything running smoothly. The human resources department performs all the administrative and behind-the-scenes functions related to the employees of a business.

What is an Online MBA in Human Resources Program?

An online MBA in Human Resources is a degree program that offers its students training in human resources science. The online MBA in Human Resources teaches students a unique and specialized set of skills that is highly valuable in any company, large or small. It prepares its students for working effectively in the many different areas of human resources, from personnel recruitment to employee compensation to staff benefits to strategic planning.

Is an Online MBA in Human Resources Program right for me?

An online MBA in Human Resources is right for you if you enjoy being behind the scenes and don’t like a lot of attention, are interested in the ins and outs of the company you chose to work for and like to see things grow as a result of your work. Those who pursue an online MBA in Human Resources are also extremely organized, able to think quickly, communicate well, have great leadership skills, and have an understanding for dealing with different types of people.

How long does it take to obtain an Online MBA in Human Resources Degree?

For full-time students this online HR MBA program is a simple two-year degree. However, if students chose to attend only part-time or half-time, it could take up to four years to complete. Some universities do offer the option of an accelerated program that can be completed in just 18 months.

What are the admission requirements for Online MBA in Human Resources Programs?

Most online HR MBA programs would like their students to have at least 3-5 years of work experience under their belt before pursing the program. Students also have to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, a high GPA of at least 3.0 and a good GMAT score (over 500). Depending on the program, universities may ask for a few letters of recommendation and/or a personal interview.

What skills will I learn in an Online MBA in Human Resources Program?

The online MBA in Human Resources programs are specifically designed to give its students a unique and tailored experience and to walk away with specific and specialized skills for HR professionals. Some of those skills include: financial accounting, the ability to to analyze people and situations, the skill to handle difficult situations, and effective communication.

What courses will I take in an Online MBA in Human Resources Program?

Many courses will be tailored to human resources; however the first few courses will focus on the different aspects of business administration. Some career specific courses are:

  • Business Perspectives
  • Business Communications
  • Leadership and Strategies for a Changing World
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Mediation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Workplace Violence
  • Firing and Layoffs
  • Environment and Ergonomics

What types of jobs are available after obtaining an Online MBA in Human Resources Degree?

There is a wide range of fields those with an online MBA in Human Resources can get into because this discipline prepares its students for a broad career opportunity spectrum. Some positions and titles include: Employment and Placement Managers, Recruitment Specialist, Employment Interviewers, Human Resource Coordinators, Job Analysis Specialist, Occupational Analysts, Compensation Manager, Employee Benefits Manager, Employee Welfare Manager, Human Resource Development Manager, Training Specialist, Human Resource Director, and Labor Relations Manager.

What are the career and job opportunities for those with an online MBA in Human Resources Degree?

Human resource positions have steadily grown over the last 5 years and are expected to continue climbing. There is a large gap to fill and only those with an online MBA in Human Resources can fill it. Salaries are very competitive and can range anywhere from $76,000 to $107,000 annually.


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