Online MBA in Project Management

Online Project Management MBA programs enables students to acquire the skills required to keep projects on task, on time, and on budget. An online MBA in Project Management affords students the opportunity to work on and hone their project leadership skills to make them the best and most effective managers at any company, large or small.

What is an Online MBA in Project Management Program?

An online MBA in Project Management builds from theories of project management to real-world practices applicable to all industries and fields, including marketing, financial services, business administration, information technologies, international trade, health sciences, government, construction, and more.

Is an Online MBA in Project Management Program right for me?

An online MBA in Project Management is perfect for those currently working as a project manager, those intending to take on project management responsibilities, or those aspiring to lead a team of project managers. Students with an MBA in Project Management also have great leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills. They also have a strong attention to detail.

How long does it take to obtain an Online MBA in Project Management Degree?

An MBA in Project Management takes the average 2 years to complete as most other MBA programs if the student attends full time. Because an online MBA in Project Management is the most flexible a student can find, most schools offer part-time and accelerated programs to fit the students’ schedule.

What are the admission requirements for Online MBA in Project Management Programs?

Most online MBA programs would like their students to have at least 3-5 years of work experience under their belt before pursing an online MBA in Organizational Development. Students also have to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, a high GPA of at least 3.0 and a good GMAT score (over 500). Depending on the program, universities may ask for a few letters of recommendation and/or a personal interview.

What skills will I learn in an online MBA in Project Management Program?

The online MBA Project Management Program focuses on project planning, risk management, project procurement, project budgeting, leadership and motivational skills, time management, performance monitoring, and quality management. However, just like any MBA program it also teaches its students skills in accounting, finance, marketing, and economics.

What courses will I take in an Online MBA in Project Management Program?

Because this program specifically focuses on project management, that will be the subject of most classes, but the online MBA Program in Project Management wants its students to be well-rounded and other classes will be tailored to other aspects of business. Those include:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Informational Technology
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

What types of jobs are available after obtaining an online MBA in Project Management Degree?

Since every company, no matter how large or small, needs effective project managers, those with an online MBA in Project Management can pursue a career in a wide variety of fields including technology, hospitality, food management, and healthcare. Positions include mid-level and upper level management, project coordinator, supervisor, and department head.

What are the job prospects with an MBA in Project Management Degree?

Doing your job well and having an MBA in Project Management will give you the edge that you need to get the raise and salary you desire. Good project managers are hard to come by and with this MBA in Project Management in hand you are sure to be able to demand a nice income. Companies don’t want to lose good project managers and they will pay for good employees.


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