Online MBA Program at ICFAI

Earn an Online MBA Degree at ICFAI

The ICFAI Online MBA program is designed for the applicants who cannot receive education by attending the classes physically. Unlike other programs, the Online MBA program at ICFAI can be completed over the course of 7 years if need be. The program allows students to interact with peers and experts via emails and video conferencing. During this program students will learn from real life and practical knowledge. Examinations are offered at over 130 centers across the country.

Is the Online MBA Program at ICFAI Accredited?

ICFAI’s online MBA program is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

What Specializations Can I Study During My Online MBA at ICFAI?

ICFAI does not offer specializations. All students follow the same courses and curriculum. However, students are given the option to customize their program by selecting four electives in areas of interest to them. This takes place during the 3rd stage of their program.

Electives are available in the following areas:

    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Finance
    • International Business
    • Human Resource Management
    • General Management
    • Information Technology and Systems
    • Investments

What are the Application Requirements for ICFAI’s Online MBA Program?

Applicants who wish to apply for admission into the ICFAI online MBA program must complete the school’s entrance exam. The eligibility entrance exam is similar to a screening test which filters the candidates based on their performance on the ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test (IBSAT). Students may register online and pay online for this exam. It is offered at over 200 centers in India. After completion, an admissions office makes contact.

What are the Graduation Requirements for ICFAI’s Online MBA Program?

The online MBA program at ICFAI is broken into three stages. The required courses and stages are as follows:

Stage 1

      • Introduction to Management
      • Managerial Effectiveness
      • Organizational Behavior
      • Business Economics
      • Marketing management
      • Information Technology and Systems

Stage 2

      • Accounting for Decision Making
      • Human Resource Management
      • Financial Management
      • Operations Management
      • Business Law
      • Management Control and Information Systems

Stage 3

      • Four Electives
      • Business Policy and Strategy
      • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
      • Integrated Case Studies I
      • Integrated Case Studies II

How Much Does a ICFAI Online MBA Cost?

The total program cost of an online MBA at ICFAI is approximately $42,000.

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