Online MBA Program at IIM

An Overview of IIM

IIM stands for The Indian Institutes of Management. IIM is a group of graduate business schools within India. Various institutions provide the necessary business management programs to sectors of the Indian economy. IIM contains some of the top institutes in India. The programs offered by IIM are rigorous and draw the best out of its students. Students are required to participate in all work including teamwork projects. Students learn by researching case methods, group projects, seminars, lectures, simulation games, role-plays and industrial visits. Overall, IIM’s mission is to help India and other developing countries strengthen their managerial practices.

Can I Get an Online MBA Degree at IIM?

Currently, IIM does not offer an online MBA program or any other virtual learning programs.

IIM does not offer an online MBA because most of the programs offered by IIM require students to participate in a wide variety of team-based projects and in-class activities that are not available online.

What are Alternatives to an Online MBA Program at IIM?

IIM currently offers in-class programs only. The last virtual management program ended in April of 2011. More programs should be announced soon.

Which Other Schools Offer Online MBA Programs?

Although IIM does not offer online MBA program, students interested in pursuing an online MBA have other options such as those listed below:

  • University of Texas at Dallas
  • University of Florida
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Ball State University
  • DeVry University

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