Online MBA Program at University of South Carolina

An Overview of University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina was first established in 1805 as a single building in Columbia, South Carolina. This building is what has now become the heart of the much larger campus. The mission of the University of South Carolina is to establish and maintain excellence within the student population, academic programs, and faculty as well as public and private supporters. The school bases its education programs through research, creative activity, teaching and service. Students interested in business programs will look to The Darla Moore School of Business which was founded in 1919 (FKA School of Commerce). Business programs are offered at the undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral level.

Can I Get an Online MBA Degree at University of South Carolina?

Currently, University of South Carolina does not offer an online MBA program. The Darla Moore School of Business does offer two on-campus MBA options, an international MBA (IMBA) or a Professional MBA (PMBA).

University of South Carolina does not offer an online MBA because the 10 core courses build fundamental business knowledge that requires real-world business situations to be examined and discussed using models and problem solving techniques that are delivered within the classroom. The University of South Carolina believes that students benefit more from in-class time and travel opportunities. Overall, the curriculum is more ideal for traditional in-class learning rather than online courses.

What are Alternatives to an Online MBA Program at University of South Carolina?

University of South Carolina offers two MBA programs depending on what specific career goals a student may have. The programs can be delivered in 12 week terms or 6 week terms depending on what works best.

Business Programs Offered (on-campus):

  • Professional MBA
  • International MBA (New Program coming late Summer 2011)
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Human Resources
  • Master of Accountancy

Which Other Schools Offer Online MBA Programs?

Although University of South Carolina does not offer online MBA program, students interested in pursuing an online MBA have other options. The following schools offer online MBA programs for business professionals.

Schools offering online MBA Programs:

  • Ball State University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Webster University
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Chadron State College

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