Online MBA Programs the Future of a Global World

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The world is going global. Driving the trend is the ambitious and internationally-minded businesses and those who run them. However, what goes with the territory of globalization is the inevitable confrontation of cultural barriers and the need to produce MBA graduates that are well-suited to a global stage.

American Business Schools Lack Cross-Cultural Teaching

However, many American schools have been slow to introduce cross-cultural courses and business journals have a shockingly low percentage of material that is non-American-centered. In 2010 only 7 percent of research dealt with cross-border issues (as measured in the top 20 management journals). Also, the case-studies used in American business schools used to teach students how to deal with possible business issues typically include few cross-border scenarios.

International MBA Programs Pick Up the Slack

International Schools are now building their MBA programs in order to be more globally-minded. They are not only doing this through their curriculum offerings but also by embracing the international and versatile potential of technology.

There is expected to be a huge increase in international, and American, students’ interest in blended online programs that can be accessed and taken anywhere in the world, especially online EMBAs (Executive MBAs). Students do not need to leave their careers in order to enter the programs and the online MBA programs are flexible and can be taken on the go – aligning well with an internationally-minded student looking to rise up the ranks in a multinational company.

However, students are not quite ready to make the leap into an all-digital MBA program – so are opting for a blended one. A blended online MBA program basically combines face-to-face learning as well with online coursework, which allows the best of both worlds. It also overcomes the worry that the online programs are be too isolating and will fall short when it comes to teaching students about teamwork. Overcoming these concerns is essential for an EMBA since the students who take it are being groomed for the upper echelons of business-dom – or in other words the leaders in business in the near future.

The IE Program: A Case Study of an Online MBA that Works

The new IE online EMBA program is a leader in online business education. According to the schools’ website the blended program, “Offer[s] part face-to-face, part online interactive learning. With face-to-face periods in Spain, China, USA and Brazil. [T]his program offers a truly global window on the business world, adding important components on Asian markets, sustainable development and the liberal arts… [In the program] participants are able to follow the program regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules and work commitments.”

The program, even in its quick overview, can be seen as fundamentally different from a traditional program. It is clearly geared towards international executives who need to be on the move and cannot take time out for two more years of school. Additionally, the program actually has its face-to-face meetings in a variety of countries that are all developing or developed economies. The school attracts business men and women from all over the world and has them interacting in multiple, diverse environments which is likely going to increasingly become the norm of the future.

Learn more about the IE Global Online EMBA or how interest in online MBAs is rising.

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