OpenCourseWare (OCW): A Free Online MBA?

Many students are looking to save money on their online MBA programs. The concept of OpenCourseWare (OCW) has risen in popularity and is hailed as an alternative to an online MBA. However, is it a full degree and just exactly how is it used? OpenCourseWare is Not an Online MBA Degree OpenCourseWare should not be regarded as an online degree or even an award in itself. The application was first launched... [Read more...]

Free Online MBA Study Materials

The cost of academic education has never been higher. Skyrocketing tuition fees are making it more difficult for students to secure textbooks; even when opting for used or damaged options. This has prompted a demand for free online MBA study materials, which fortunately do exist! However, finding such study materials can be tricky if a student doesn’t know where to look. Wikipedia as an Online... [Read more...]

What Technology Do I Need to Get the Most Out of Free Online MBA Classes?

Free online MBA classes are true diamonds in the rough. They can be difficult to come across, but can lead to a greater insight regarding if online study is right for a particular student. They allow students to “test drive” online study options in order to determine their dedication, commitment, and drive to complete assignments. These are all excellent qualities to have, but how else can students... [Read more...]

Where to Find Free Online MBA Classes

Free online MBA classes are difficult to come across. However, when students are new to the world of online learning, then they may wish to complete a few “taster” courses in order to determine if online or distance study options are right for them. This could be more adequately satisfied by completing non-credit courses offered by individuals or colleges outside of a student’s elected school... [Read more...]