How to Know When to Drop an Online MBA Course

Dropping an online MBA class is usually not the wisest decision. This is because it can carry several implications and may even impede the student’s progress towards graduation. However, there are some situations when a student must drop a class, but even these situations are gray areas of thought and are open to interpretation. With this in mind, how can a student know when he should drop an... [Read more...]

How to Balance Your Online MBA and Full Time Job

The idea of trying to balance a full time job with a lengthy commitment to post-secondary education often seems impossible on the surface. While it is important to note that the task is indeed difficult, that is not to say that it isn’t doable. Balancing work and education is something that requires careful planning and a precise course of action that cannot waver. For some students, this will... [Read more...]

Two Ways to Balance an Online MBA Program and Family

Family commitments and educational goals can often be a ticking time bomb that is waiting to explode. If a harmonious balance is not struck in the early goings, then it could quite possibly lead to family resentment and strained relationships throughout the program of study. The two factors are both things that require intimate and lengthier attention spans, but how can a student find a way to balance... [Read more...]

How to Juggle Your Many Roles as an Online MBA Student

Being a student is a fine balancing act of prioritizing assignments, studying, and engaging in a social or personal life. The balancing act is further escalated when a student is in an online program! This is because online study isn’t rigorously guided, so students will find themselves on their own in terms of scheduling and meeting task deadlines. This can put a strain on a student’s... [Read more...]