Is an Accelerated Online MBA Right for Me?

Accelerated programs can appear to be very attractive on the surface. They offer a quicker route to academic credentials over traditional two to three year programs, so could very well get the student back into the workforce at a more rapid rate than the dreary standard lengths of study. However, what should students note before committing to an accelerated online MBA? There Aren’t Many Breaks... [Read more...]

How to Stay Motivated Through Your Online MBA

Motivation is a key business concept that many online MBA students will be faced with throughout their studying. However, staying motivated throughout a program of study can be a completely different realm of understanding. This is because the motivation factor directly affects the student rather than a faceless case study! It is therefore important to address how a student can stay motivated throughout... [Read more...]

How to Avoid Feeling Lonely During Your Online MBA

Online education is a different world than typical campus study. This is because the opportunities for socialization are severely limited. This is something that can lead to feelings of loneliness in many students, so it is important to be able to seek out social opportunities through the Internet. It is fortunate to note that there are several socialization opportunities that exist on the Internet,... [Read more...]

How to Get an A+ in Your Online MBA Exam

Many students enter education programs as ambitious minds, but few actually realize their dreams. This is because other pressing issues can interfere with a student’s success. There may be social or family commitments that get in the way of studying, so grades can quickly take a back seat in order to satisfy current demands. However, an A+ grade is achievable, but students must be prepared to... [Read more...]

3 Steps to Delivering an Effective Online MBA Group Presentation

Group presentations are uncharted territory when it comes to online study. They are very rare to see, but some professors are known to insist on them throughout the course of study. Online presentations do more than just assess the student’s ability to deliver a presentation. Time management and technological know-how will either be the rise or fall of the student, so it is important for the... [Read more...]

How to Manage Online MBA Group Projects and Assignments

Group projects are a particularly difficult aspect of online study. They aren’t common in terms of their requirement within an online program of study, but they do occasionally pop up as an optional choice for students to elect. If students do chose to go into a group project setting, then it is important to be able to connect throughout the working experience. This isn’t always easy, but... [Read more...]

How to Participate in an Online MBA Live Chat Room Discussion

Chat room etiquette is a gray area in terms of understanding. It is a relatively unchartered technology in the educational world, so it is open to ambiguity and confusion. However, it is also important to note that few online MBA programs offer live chat room sessions as standard. This is because the technology is not commonly available through typical Blackboard technologies, so students may not find... [Read more...]

How to Participate in an Online MBA Class Discussion

Students will often be invited to engage in discussion based learning throughout their online MBA program. This can be done through many means, but the most common form of communication is through the online education system’s “Blackboard” technology. This technology enables a discussion forum for interaction between teachers and students and is usually seen as the easiest option in terms... [Read more...]

How to Write an Organized Online MBA Case Study Analysis

Organization is an effective writing tool that can help bundle ideas into one coherent presentation. It is also important for scoring top marks with examiners who are presented with identical papers on a continual basis! However, before a student is able to delve into how to organize these ideas into a high-scoring presentation, it is important to know just what a student ought to organize in the first... [Read more...]

How to Analyze an Online MBA Case Study

Analysis by definition is “the separation of a whole into its constituent parts for individual study”. Whether the subject of analysis is medical, recreational, or related to the field of business, all analyzing thoughts seek to undercover the underlying truths and objectives of a greater overall picture. In a business case study, students will often be presented with a crisis that a business is... [Read more...]

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