Online MBA vs. Campus Based MBA Programs

Choosing how to study can be a difficult task for many students. Students who have left academic study at an undergraduate level may want to return to college in order to further enhance their careers, but often find that work or personal commitments greatly interfere with such a pursuit. Online study can meet time or lifestyle constraints that traditional campus study doesn’t allow for, but is online study viable and what exactly is required of students who want to engage in it?

Studying Towards an Online MBA Is Different

Online education is a very different method of study when compared to what a student might expect in campus study. It is often described as very “isolated” as students are simply assigned tasks from professors and expected to submit them by the deadline or incur time penalties. There is very little scope for personalized feedback or on-hand assistance when a student requires extra help. These experiences can be very odd for a typical school based student! However, online study also offers a considerable cost reduction through typical student expenditure in stationery and social outings.

An Online MBA Requires Responsibility

Being independent from the goings-on inside of the classroom means that the student must be very responsible in his day-to-day affairs. He must be very organized in order to ensure that assignments and objectives don’t pile up over time and end with several late night coursework sessions in order to meet deadlines. It is also his responsibility to ensure that he is aware of deadlines and what is expected out of him to meet such deadlines.

An Online MBA Requires Independence

It is unlikely that the professor will be able to dictate what’s expected out of an online student given the lack of personal interaction between the two entities. This means that a student must exercise independence in order to provide what he feels is his best work. Independence must also be exercised through being able to prioritize tasks and ensure that all deadlines are met to avoid time penalties.

An Online MBA Requires Narcissism

Given the unique studying circumstances that an online student faces, being slightly narcissistic is key to success in an online MBA program. It is unlikely that personal interaction will be given to a student, so traditional feelings of providing work for the satisfaction of others and the professor must be abandoned in order to fully succeed in an online MBA program. There’s no praise in front of your classmates!

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