Online MBA vs. Masters in Accounting

Business professionals are likely to be individuals who are skillful with numbers. However, students who are interested in progressing with their academic lives will come to a crossroads after reaching an undergraduate level. Students with Bachelor’s degrees in business or financial related fields can route themselves into administration or accounting, but it is often difficult to decide on what field could be the right decision. Administration and accounting are two very different professions, so it is important to wisely consider both before committing to a program of study.

An Overview of Masters in Accounting Versus an Online MBA

Accountants deal with the figures and numbers concerned with the business’ operation. They are not likely to be overly trained when it comes to interpersonal relations as their work is primarily a “back of house” position. This means that an accountant is not outwardly present to a business’ customers. A business accountant is likely to be very rigid in his approach to handling the everyday figures of a business. He is also unlikely to be adaptable to sudden changes as account management can be a very repetitive, static job that is not subject to frequent change.

How Does Masters in Accounting Differ to an Online MBA Degree?

Both business administration and accountancy professionals are unlikely to be positioned in the customer facing roles of a business. Their jobs are more likely to be business focused, but a successful MBA candidate would be more able to showcase appropriate interpersonal skills in social settings given that the productivity of workers may require motivation. MBA students are also more well-rounded in the world of business as their core components cover several different areas including economics, strategy, and organizational behavior. An accountant by comparison is more focused on numbers and ensuring the financial vitality of a business through budgeting and financial forecasting as required by the CEO of a business. The accountant is unlikely to be overly concerned about the social welfare of others as accountant teams can be very small and few in numbers. He could even be the only accountant that is available to a business! For this reason, accountants could be described as much more independent and are able to work without supervision in comparison to business administration professionals.

Both positions are currently in demand, so a student’s choice will likely end in an excellent job that is both well-paid and well-respected. The differences lie in whether a student is more interested in dealing with humans or figures on a regular basis.

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