Online MBA vs. Masters in Computer Science

Students with strong abilities in information technology and general technical know-how often wonder if their business skills can be put to use in a computer science field. Fortunately, there is a growing demand for students who are able to exercise strong analytical thinking in a business environment when combined with tech savvy prowess. However, is an online MBA more appropriate over a computer science major?

An Overview of Masters in Computer Science in Comparison to an Online MBA

Many casual onlookers seem to think that computer science and business administration are two completely different fields. There is some truth to this, but much of it is unfounded. Computer science primarily deals with hardware and software manipulation. Computer scientists often assemble and mediate large corporate communication networks and maintain computer hardware to ensure optimum performance at all times. However, business administrators can also be seen completing similar functions. An administrator can be seen ensuring the vitality of a business’ profitability through networking with like-minded professionals in his corporate setting. Not too far off from a computer scientist!

It is important to note the differences between the two fields. Computer scientists are primarily back of house workers, which means that their work is not customer facing. A business administrator could also be focused in a back of house environment, but there are more likely times when he will become a front of house worker and directly deal with customers. For example, this could be through market research. There is a strong social inclination for business administration that is not outwardly present through computer science. For this reason, it can be said that computer scientists may prefer quieter and more focused working environments with less variables. The opposite could be true of business administrators who might prefer being more involved in critical decisions and might prefer being able to exercise creative thought in order to offer ideas for bettering a business’ product or service.

Online MBA or Masters in Computer Science Degree: What’s Right for Me?

There is no simple way to answer this question. Judging a student’s personality could be a key factor in deciding what is most appropriate for a certain student. If a student prefers a more lively environment that is more geared towards human interaction, then becoming a business administrator could be the likely progression for business majors. However, those who prefer more isolated environments with less contact might find themselves leaning more towards computer science. It all depends on the student!

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